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A proven approach

We believe it is important to ensure that the impact of our service on children's reading skills and enjoyment is measurable. We conduct annual research in partnership with the Institute for Research in Education at the University of Bedfordshire.  The results have consistently shown significant improvements in children's reading age, their enjoyment and even their self-esteem.  Click here to read our latest Impact Report.


Reading age improvement:

12% of children improved

their reading age by an additional

6 months or more.

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46% of children improved

their reading age by an

additional 3-6 months.

37% of children improved

their reading age by an

additional 1-3 months.

5% of children did not improve their reading age above what would be expected in the timeframe.

In addition 95% of schools rated the volunteer impact on the children as good or excellent.


92% of schools noted the positive impact on the children’s reading confidence, 85% on their reading enjoyment, 78% on their reading fluency and 73% on their self-esteem.


95% of schools rated the skills and competency of our volunteers as good or excellent.



'We had have our highest reading SATS results, which our Schoolreaders volunteers' contribution is very much part of.'

- A Bedfordshire School

'A huge benefit, particularly for those children who do not get that support at home.'

- A Lincolnshire School

'Very grateful for the time volunteered.  Appreciate the communication in the class folders.  Have noticed progress in reading age, confidence and ability to discuss a text, characters and plot.  Greater inference skills displayed.'

- A Hertfordshire School


'They are helping our children to have a love of books and enjoy reading out loud and progress.  This is very important to us as some of our children do not read at home.'

- A Buckinghamshire School

'Thank you for all you do to try and get reading volunteers in to school.  It does make a difference!

- A Wiltshire School

'Thank you for your help - the volunteers are committed and provide a high quality of volunteering.'

- A Leicestershire School

'Children love having special 1:1 time with a volunteer where they can really embed their learning and understanding of what they are reading.  They really help to raise children's self esteem and feeling valued, which has to be the primary aim of any school.'

- A Wiltshire School