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Did you know that in 2017 one in four children aged 11 failed to reach the government’s required reading standards? This can have lifelong consequences.


Schoolreaders helps to address this problem by finding volunteer readers to read one-to-one with children in primary schools, at no cost to the school. It costs Schoolreaders an average of just £15 to provide reading support to one child for a whole academic year.


By taking part in the Book Club Challenge you will be helping Schoolreaders to reach many more children this year.


One member of your Book Club registers you to take part.  We then send them a Book Club Challenge Pack, which includes our quiz sheet, details of how to take part, and a paying in form for any money you raise. 

The Host  agrees with club members on a date on which to hold an event (probably as part of one of your regular meetings).  We recommend holding your challenge close to World Book Day on 1st March 2018 and would ask that you have completed your fundraising and sent your donation to us by 24th May 2018.

On the agreed date, the Host leads the quiz and fills in the answer sheet.  The clubs with the most correct quiz answers will be entered into a draw for a case of Prosecco. The quiz sheet is sent back to us with the Gift Aid form, as detailed below.

All participants who want to donate to Schoolreaders fill out their details on the Gift Aid form in the pack, and the host sends the form to us in the prepaid envelope provided.  Donations can either be sent in the same envelope, or can be transferred to us online. If you want to make your donation online, simply find our 'Donate' page on the menu above, and follow the instructions.


to download the Book Club Challenge paying-in form

to download the Book Club Challenge Gift Aid form

to download the Book Club Challenge 'About us' sheet

to download the Book Club Challenge answer sheet




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