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April 2021



ROSIE CUNNINGHAM, Dorset Ambassador

Rosie worked in PR and advertising in England, France and South Africa. She lives near Sherborne in the beautiful county of Dorset and has two teenage children in secondary school. She was governor of a local primary school for four years and worked as a reading volunteer with children in Key Stages 1 & 2, witnessing first-hand the importance of listening to children read on a one-to-one basis.  Rosie is now studying at the Open University for a degree in English Literature proving that it is never too late to learn.

victoria Dunlop.png

VICTORIA DUNLOP, Hertfordshire Ambassador

Victoria has a degree in History and French and worked in retail and investment management.  She has lived in Hertfordshire for 30 years and is married with 2 adult children.  She helped as a reading volunteer at her children’s primary schools, and raised funds for charities at their secondary schools. She is now a reading volunteer at a school in Stevenage which she loves.  She supports the NSPCC with fund raising events, and is a telephone volunteer with the the Miscarriage Association. She enjoys reading, fitness and gardening.

bumble gambier.JPG

BUMBLE GAMBIER, Suffolk Fundraising Ambassador

Bumble has been involved in numerous charitable and fundraising projects in Suffolk, many of them focused around the junior school attended by her three children.  She says, ‘I am delighted to be involved with Schoolreaders because I am passionate about reading and love the idea of local children benefitting from our volunteers and the Schoolreaders service’.

Emma Althaus.jpg

EMMA ALTHAUS, Somerset Ambassador

Emma grew up in Ireland and has been living in the UK for over 25 years. With a background in marketing, she ran events in the charity sector before working in the advertising industry for 12 years.  She joined forces with her husband to run their landscape business in 2007 and the family now lives in Somerset.  Emma has a teenage daughter and is closely involved in running village and community events.

laura kenyon slaney.JPG

LAURA KENYON-SLANEY, Oxfordshire Ambassador

Overseas postings to South Africa and Australia before a return to the UK meant that Laura’s three children grew up experiencing a number of very different educational systems.  It was obvious to Laura that whatever the system used in local schools, the one-to-one time spent with a patient adult was tremendously helpful in building their confidence and improving their reading.  Laura’s family has now settled in Oxfordshire, where they have built their own house, and Laura is a Schoolreader in her local school.

mandy kellagher.jpg

MANDY KELLAGHER, Cornwall Supporter

Mandy has lived in Cornwall for over 30 years, 25 of which were spent working as a vet before diversifying into teaching English to adult foreign language students and some part-time ceramic work. She was a primary school governor for 8 years when her now adult children were pupils and was invited back onto the board 3 years ago, so maintains an active involvement with the school. She is also trying to make time to do more travelling as well as a variety of watersports, walking, snowboarding, tennis and is struggling with being an adult beginner cellist.

Nicky Ramsden small.jpg

NICKY RAMSDEN, Leicestershire and Rutland Ambassador

Nicky has lived in Leicestershire for 20 years.  As well as having taught yoga for the last 15 years, Nicky is active in a number of voluntary roles, acting as secretary of the church council, and fundraiser for VIP Companionship for older people.  Nicky has three children, four dogs and lots of chickens.  She grew up in Kenya, and has spent time living in Madrid.  Nicky believes strongly in the power of the Schoolreaders approach, ‘It's a clever idea to match volunteers with the young -  and I know that reading is fundamental to my life’.

Penny Hubbard.jpg

PENNY HUBBARD, Norfolk Ambassador

Penny is passionate about reading and never had her nose out of a book when she was a child! Her life was changed for ever when she got a place at Cambridge University from her Direct Grant School to read English Literature and from there she went on to qualify as a Commercial Property Solicitor in London, becoming a partner at a major City Law Firm. After a short career break during the teenage years of her two daughters, she spent nearly 12 years as Development Director raising funds for Newnham College (her old College). Much of her work there was to help disadvantaged students from less privileged backgrounds thrive at Cambridge. Currently, she is a part time executive business coach and fundraising consultant. Penny and her husband, who is a fanatical kite surfer, live in Old Hunstanton with their jack russell and springer spaniel. 


EMMA WARD, Cambridgeshire Ambassador

Emma became a Schoolreaders supporter and listener on retirement after working in academic publishing, the music business, retail marketing, catering & events. She wanted to do something useful as well as her favourite pastimes - travelling, reading, tennis, cycling, yoga, singing, gardening, cooking. She thinks the Schoolreaders model is a brilliant one as it has far reaching benefits for all concerned. She has lived in the Cambridgeshire area with her husband for 30 years and has two adult children.

Judy Stewart 1_edited.jpg

JUDY STEWART, Bedfordshire Ambassador

After Durham University, Judy worked in the city as an analyst for various stockbrokers. She has lived in north Bedfordshire for thirty years and was the county representative for the NGS. She has been involved in various local activities including being a Parish Councillor for over twenty years and is a Schoolreader at her local school. She is married with three adult children

jo gammell.JPG

JO GAMMELL, Hampshire Ambassador

Following a career in the City, Jo moved to Hampshire where she runs her own small bespoke stationery business.  She has been a Governor of an infant school, and has helped as a reading assistant and with other activities at her local school.   Jo is married and has two grown-up children.  She shares her home with her dogs, chickens, and some rescue donkeys.


ALISON SEATON, Berkshire Ambassador

Alison read English at Manchester University before doing a Law conversion course. She practiced as a Criminal Barrister in London until, in her early 30s, family life intervened. For over 20 years she has been involved with numerous charities [including First Story, a charity providing opportunities for under-served young people to participate in creative writing activities]. At present she is an Assessor for The Hardman Trust, a charity which supports prisoners who are planning for their future beyond prison. She believes in the fundamental importance of improving literacy skills in primary schools to aid children's personal wellbeing and advancement, which cannot be overstated.  


SUSIE WIGGINTON, Buckinghamshire Ambassador

Susie has a degree in psychology and worked in London as a market researcher before starting a family. She lived in Chicago for 5 years before moving to north Buckinghamshire 20 years ago and there she worked as a Headmaster’s PA for 12 years which she found fascinating. Her love for children led her to volunteer with a bereaved children’s charity in Milton Keynes and she enjoys tennis, walking, painting, gardening and travel.



Suzanne buckland

SUZANNE BUCKLAND, Nottinghamshire County Supporter

Suzanne spent a decade working in London in Marketing before moving to Nottinghamshire. She became involved in fundraising and charity events for her children's school, and was active helping the younger children to read. She also learnt Sign Language to Level 2 and became a volunteer in a school to help a child with hearing difficulties. She has also been a volunteer in a Nursing Home as an Activities Co-ordinator.

Peter Henry Photos21-04-2023_0067c.jpg

PETER HENRY, Buckinghamshire County Supporter

After a career in marketing, Peter is now focussed on volunteering. Currently, he is an Enterprise Advisor with the Bucks Skills Hub where his role is to work with secondary schools to help provide the students with experiences with the world of work, enabling them to make better decisions about their paths through higher, further education and into a career. He joined Schoolreaders in 2021 as a reader at an Infant’s School in Watford and in 2022 took on the additional role of County Supporter for Bucks. In addition he has carried out projects for the organisation in the area of school engagement. One of his personal goals is to grow the number of male volunteers readers as, especially in infant schools, male role models are very much appreciated.

cream box.jpg

VICTORIA COUBROUGH, Bedfordshire Supporter

Victoria has lived in Bedfordshire for 25 years and has 4 grown up children and 2 grandchildren. With a degree in hotel and business management, Victoria’s early career was in the hospitality industry, before setting up and running small businesses; and is currently a director of a hotel and a cottage letting business. Keen to support children and early education, Victoria has been a reading volunteer in primary schools and a mentor at secondary schools. She set up a branch of the NSPCC whilst living in north London and is a founding member and trustee of The Friends of her local church. Victoria's interests include cookery, literature, art and painting, equestrian sports and, more recently, golf. 


ANNA PHILLIPS, Bedfordshire Supporter

English literature and language have been my lifelong passion. Reading endlessly as a child equipped me to study English at Oxford University, work as a journalist and later as an English teacher.  It’s wonderful to support children starting on their reading journey as a Schoolreader. I love gardening, dog walking and seeing friends and family and am still trying to hit a decent 9 holes on the golf course!

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