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volunteers to give one-to-one reading practice to children in primary schools. Help us by getting involved, donating or volunteering 

Many children are leaving primary school unable to read to the expected level; that was one in every four children in 2018*.

If a child is unable to read properly at this stage the consequences can be lifelong as they can face difficulties accessing secondary education fully. 

One reason why many children are falling behind with their reading is that they lack opportunities to read one-to-one with an adult.

Schoolreaders helps to address this by recruiting volunteers to listen to children read in primary schools. The volunteers are matched to an appropriate local school.  The scheme has proved extremely successful, showing the extent of the need for this service, which is free to schools. 

Everyone benefits from the scheme; the children, the schools and the volunteers themselves, who gain a great deal of pleasure from seeing what a difference a little of their time makes to a child's reading ability, confidence and enjoyment. 

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*  National Curriculum Assessments: Key Stage 2, 2018 (provisional). Published by the Department for Education and Standards and Testing Agency, 4/9/2018




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