We hope you enjoyed the story! Now, why not have a go one of the activities below?


 If you have come here first, we suggest watching the story at www.schoolreaders.org/storytime before starting the activity.

Have fun!

Story Activities

... for 'Cyril and Pat' activity

... for 'The Misadventures of Frederick' activity

... for 'Peace at Last' activity

... for 'Spells' activity

... for 'Tiddler' activity

... for 'Voices in the Park' activity

... for 'Highway Rat' activity

... for 'The Magic Paintbrush' activity

... for 'Click, Clack, Moo -  Cows that Type' activity

25th May to 31st May

1st June to 7th June

... for 'The Last Noo Noo' activity

18th May to 24th May

11th May to 17th May

... for 'Aaargh, Spider' activities

4th May to 10th May

... for a 'Winston the Wolf' activity

 27th April to 3rd May

... for 'Baby Brains' activities

... for 'Into the Forest' activities

... for 'Bringing down the Moon' activities

20th April to 26th April

... for 'The Ravenous Beast' activities

... for 'Our House' activities

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