Changes to Policies

recorded here from 15th November 2019

Privacy Policy

Text altered 15th November 2019.   Changes received from Alison Hubbard via email, 14/11/2019, 14:15. 

Alison's document named/dated '10th October 2019, v4'

Former Privacy Policy saved to online policies archive.

Safeguarding Policy

First version of Policy published 21/01/20.  Text received from Alison Hubbard via email, 21/1/20, 16:31.

Alison's document named/dated 'Safeguarding Policy v1.2 16Oct19'

Safeguarding Guidance

'Guidance on Child Protection and Safeguarding Essentials for Volunteers in Schools' - document posted on website on 12/08/20.  PDF received from Annabel Cox via email, 12/08/20,  12:24.

Terms & Conditions for Schoolreaders 'Race  for Reading 2021'

Added to site on 22/02/21.  PDF received from Fiona Godfrey via email, 22/02/21, 13:25.