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Thank you to those who make our work possible

We are very grateful to our many trust and foundation supporters, both those named below and those who wish to remain anonymous. These include:

Suffolk Community Foundation 

J Reginald Corah Foundation

Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation


"The JR Corah Foundation Fund are extremely pleased to be able to support Schoolreaders in delivering this valuable service to school children in disadvantaged schools. All the trustees consider it a vital initiative as the ability to read is essential not only to get on in life but also to gain enormous pleasure on a personal front" 
- Peter Corah, For and on behalf of J Reginald Corah Foundation Fund
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Fowler Smith and Jones Trust

“We were happy to offer grants because your message is so strong and powerful….a win-win scenario for the children in the short term, society in the long-term by having better literacy in the community, and also for the volunteers being able to put something back. Having been a magistrate for 25 years, I am only too aware of the problems of poor literacy, leading to low employability, low esteem and isolation. Schoolreaders is helping to address this in a very cost-effective way.” 
- Grants Administrator, Fowler Smith and Jones Trust

The Lady  Hind Trust

"It is only now that I can look back at my own school days with disappointment, disenchantment, frustration and indeed unhappiness, and realise what went wrong. I was bright up to the age of 10, when reading did not affect my results, but after this age I just went steadily backwards to leave school at 16 with just a handful of O Levels. A few years ago, at the age of 62, I had to take a ‘Professional Examination’ and was actually tested for dyslexia - "yes, you are very dyslexic, somewhat dyspraxic, but a high IQ". Throughout life I have had to suffer these disabilities with no assistance, and I now realise that it was only my IQ that got me through. If only Schoolreaders had discovered me at a much earlier date - then I am sure my school career would have been so much happier. Thank you Schoolreaders for what you do today - I only wish you had been there 67 years ago!”
- Charlie Barratt DL, Trustee, The Lady Hind Trust
"Basic reading skills are all too easily overlooked in our increasingly digitised age. Schoolreaders provides an invaluable service helping to remedy the reading deficit at crucial stages in our children’s education. We felt it was important to support Schoolreaders by providing a multi-year grant to cover core expenses, to give them the security to build a strong foundation. We then renewed the multi-year grant to assist them to build out their services across the country.”  
- Multi-Year Foundation Supporters
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