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Giving 'In memory'

There is no better way of celebrating the life of a loved one than by making a donation to Schoolreaders.  A tribute made for a family member or friend can ensure that their memory lives on in brighter futures for children.

As many as half a million families each year in the UK suffer a bereavement.  Many families feel that the passing of a loved one is best marked by a donation to charity rather than the giving of floral tributes.  This being the case, the Schoolreaders scheme, which embodies optimism about the future and works so hard to improve the chances of the next generation,

is the perfect charity choice.


If you would like to make a donation to Schoolreaders in memory of a loved one, please click here to find our donation form.  If you would like us to, we can include your donation in the Schoolreaders' 'In Memory' Album.

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