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What our schools say

The hundreds of schools we work with find the help of their Schoolreaders invaluable, and they often tell us that our volunteers are an asset not just in the classroom, but contribute greatly to the wider life of the school. 


‘It is fantastic for our children to be able to make a positive relationship with the Schoolreader volunteers. The impact of seeing the same person weekly and chatting together has been immeasurable on some of our more vulnerable children who don't get to read at home regularly with a parent.'

- A Hertfordshire School

‘This has been a really positive experience for the children…The children enjoy reading and chatting with the volunteers who are friendly, reassuring and positive in their dealings with them.’

- A Lincolnshire School


‘The children really enjoy reading to the volunteers. The volunteers seem to enjoy the experience too and are an integral part of our school community.’

- A Buckinghamshire School


Our volunteer is an asset to the school, the children are keen to read to her and she has a positive impact on reading habits in school. Thankyou.’

- A Bedfordshire School


‘The volunteers are good role models for the children and they pass on their love of reading.’

- A Buckinghamshire School


‘Children were very pleased to hear that our volunteers would be coming back next year.
Always a sea of hands when they arrive as children are very keen to want to read with them.’

- A Buckinghamshire School


‘It is very good to have a positive male role model for reading, especially for the older boys.’

- A Bedfordshire School


‘We feel that having our volunteer also strengthens our links with the local community. The success of having her as a volunteer has encouraged us to explore other avenues in terms of volunteers from the community supporting us.

- A Bedfordshire School


‘We think the scheme is brilliant. The initial contact gives just the right amount of information on a prospective new volunteer and there is good communication between Schoolreaders and our school throughout the process.’

- A Leicestershire School


‘The way you set up the Schoolreader in school is very well done, and makes everything run smoothly. Thank you for such a valuable resource.’

- A Bedfordshire School


‘This scheme has been brilliant for us and we hope that as word gets out more, that we benefit from more volunteers.  They seem pleased with their input in the school so very glad. They all want to carry on in the next school year.’

- An Oxfordshire School


‘Everyone I have spoken to, concerning this feedback form has had nothing but praise for these ladies. Their presence in our school has been greatly valued by staff and pupils. We are just so pleased we 'discovered' your organisation. Thank you.’

- An East Riding School


‘I would not hesitate to recommend Schoolreaders to other schools!’

- A Bedfordshire School


‘A fantastic scheme which really benefits the children.’

- A Bedfordshire School


‘We value our volunteers greatly – Thank you very much!’

- A Bedfordshire School


‘Inspiring children to achieve higher standards’

- A Bedfordshire School

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