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What our volunteers say

We get regular feedback from our Schoolreaders volunteers and their comments overwhelmingly show how much they are enjoying the experience. Many describe their school visits as the highlight of their week and comment on how satisfying it is to see the positive impact that a little of their time has on the children. 

‘I look forward to going to School every week and the children always greet me enthusiastically and are very friendly towards me, as are the Staff.  It is very rewarding knowing that I am playing a small part towards helping the children and makes me feel that my contributions are valued and important.’

- A volunteer at a Lincolnshire School


‘Such a lovely experience. The children are a pleasure to work with at this age.’

- A volunteer at a Bedfordshire School


‘I wish I had known about your organisation years ago!’

- A volunteer at a Middlesex School


‘I have been doing this for a few years now and have watched the children develop their reading skills. It is very satisfying and makes me feel part of the community.’

- A volunteer at a Bedfordshire School


‘One to one sessions are good for all children but some really need greater support and I have seen several children relax and grow in confidence.’

- A volunteer at a Bedfordshire School

‘Having now been a reader for 2 years it is a pleasure to see the children graduate through the education system. I also have been invited to the school to watch year 3 productions during the year, therefore being made to feel like a valued member of the school.’

- A volunteer at a Merseyside School

‘I get the feeling that ... my one-to-one time is special to them’

- A volunteer at a Buckinghamshire School


‘The ... children seem to forget their worries when reading’

- A volunteer at a Bedfordshire School


‘I think the children enjoy someone other than their teacher showing interest in their lives and what they enjoy doing outside school.’

- A volunteer at a Bedfordshire School


‘Since Christmas I have had a slipped disc and the children have been very kind and caring.  Every week they get my chair out and see that I have a place to put my stick and always ask me if I am comfortable.  I think this has shown them how to put the values that the school teaches into practice.’

- A volunteer at a Bedfordshire School


‘Nice to feel one is putting something back and giving the children an opportunity to meet and work with an older, male person in what otherwise seems to be a female and younger school staff.’

- A volunteer at a Norfolk School


‘As a retiree I have virtually no contact with children (my grandchildren are all adults) so I feel the interaction between generations benefits both the children and myself.’

- A volunteer at a Buckinghamshire School

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