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We hope you enjoyed the story! Now, why not have a go one of the activities below?  These activities are best printed out so you can write on them.


If you have come here first, please watch the story at before starting the activity as many of our video stories include instructions.  Have fun! 

Story Activities

... for 'Cyril and Pat' activities

... for 'Elmer' activity pack

... for 'Click, Clack, Moo -  Cows that Type' activity

... for 'Ten Fat Sausages' activity

... for 'Clem and Crab' activity

... for 'Fergal is Fuming' activity

... for 'Highway Rat' activity

... for 'Luna Loves Art' activity

... for 'The Misadventures of Frederick' activity

... for 'The Magic Paintbrush' activity

... for 'Spells' activity

... for 'Not now, Bernard' activity

... for 'Tiddler' activities

... for 'Peace at Last' activity

... for 'Voices in the Park' activity

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