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Tony de Saulles becomes a Schoolreaders Author Supporter

We were lucky enough to meet the inspirational cartoonist and writer Tony de Saulles at the Oxford Literary Festival in March 2018, and are delighted that Tony has agreed to become a Schoolreaders Author Supporter. Tony’s quirky cartoons are instantly recognizable from his work on the ‘Horrible Science’ series. He has just published the first in a planned trilogy of books about an unlikely superhero, Melvin Meadly, aka ‘Bee Boy’. Half bee and half boy, Melvin is ready to defend his hive against marauding killer wasps and terrifying hawkmoths. But as a boy, he faces his greatest challenge, the bullying baddie, Nasty Norman Crudwell. First in the series is ‘Bee Boy – Clash of the Killer Queens’, which is full of fantastic facts, and illustrated in Tony’s trademark black and yellow.

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