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Allison Pearson, Telegraph columnist and best-selling novelist, speaks at Schoolreaders fundraiser

Best-selling author, Allison Pearson, joined Schoolreaders for a fantastic fundraiser on 21st May. 200 guests came to hear Allison speak about her passionate belief in the importance of good literacy and to hear about her latest book, 'How Hard Can It Be'. Sighs of recognition and, even more often, gales of laughter, greeted her commentary on the difficulties of running home and professional life successfully for 21st-century women. Allison explained her commitment to the Schoolreaders cause, saying, ‘Having been an English teacher at an inner-city comprehensive, I know how difficult it is when children arrive at senior school being unable to read properly. It puts them at such a disadvantage. Schoolreaders is a brilliant idea, not just for an individual child, but for society as a whole.’ Guests enjoyed drinks and lunch in glorious sunshine and ticket sales, auction and raffle raised a wonderful £11,000. That's enough to give weekly reading support to 700 more children for a whole academic year.

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