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Schoolreaders has a new home

We're growing incredibly fast and have just moved into new offices with enough space for several staff members, plus fantastic facilities for our meetings - not to mention a rather amazing cafe. During our early days in 2013 and 2014 meetings were held around various kitchen tables and everybody involved with Schoolreaders was a volunteer, but the growing successes and scope of the scheme have meant that we have gradually taken on a few part-time paid staff. This wonderful team has mostly been involved in making those magical connections between volunteers and schools (this is often a surprisingly time-consuming affair), and keeping in touch with both afterwards to make sure that everyone is happy and benefiting from their involvement with Schoolreaders. At the end of 2018 our management team (all of us still volunteers) finally took the plunge and hired 2 full-time members of staff and we also decided it was time to move into our own offices. We're now located at the Bedford Heights complex overlooking the town of Bedford. We had a lovely opening party in December 2018, when we showed our new home off to lots of our supporters and funders - and had a ribbon cut by the High Sherriff of Bedfordshire, Julian Polhill. And now everyone's settling in nicely.

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