'Suddenly the world makes sense!'

So said radio host Nick Coffer describing the light bulb moment when children begin to read fluently. On Friday Schoolreaders volunteer Mavis Nicholson and founder Jane Whitbread were interviewed on Nick's show on BBC 3 Counties Radio. Nick is himself a School Governor and father of three children and is extremely positive about Schoolreaders. He discussed what it's like to be a Schoolreader with Mavis, a retired Credit Manager. Mavis volunteers in a school were lots of children arrive speaking very little English, and she describes her delight at hearing children become fluent readers over the course of just a few terms. If you missed the show you can listen now on BBC Sounds - the Schoolreaders section is at about 1 hour 18 minutes into the show. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p070msxw

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