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Schoolreaders Book Club Quiz 2019 - meet the winners!

This year's Schoolreaders Book Club Quiz has been won by Solihull U3A Booklovers Group - congratulations to them! The 13-strong team answered questions on literary sleuths, children's books and classic authors' pets, and clinched the winning slot with their limerick:

There once was a volunteer reader

Who realised children would need her.

Now reading’s a breeze

Books tackled with ease

Thanks to this literary leader.

The team now gets to enjoy a case of Prosecco, and will be having tea with Catherine Alliott, best-selling author of 15 novels. Catherine has just published 'A Cornish Summer', which is described as 'Warm, witty and wise' by the Daily Mail, and 'Hilarious yet poignant' by writer Sophie Kinsella.

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