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Celebrating the Race for Reading 2023!

We are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the Race for Reading 2023. It has been a remarkable journey that has brought together passionate individuals and organisations to support children's literacy.

Every step taken, every mile covered, and every donation made has made has helped to open up the world of reading for Primary school children around the country. Now we have crossed the finish line, let's highlight some of our incredible participants:

A lady wearing a Race for Reading T-shirt

Jan, one of our exceptional Schoolreaders volunteers, embarked on a 150-mile walk to contribute to the Race for Reading. Her dedication to supporting young readers is truly inspiring. Jan's daughter even took to Twitter to commend her, urging others to support her cause!

"My mum is walking 150 miles for Schoolreaders, she really enjoys going in to hear the little ones read each week!"

Helen took part in the Milton Keynes Half marathon to and counted up her miles to contribute to the Race for Reading. It was her first ever half marathon, and her motivation was clear: to provide face-to-face reading support from a Schoolreaders volunteer, thereby improving literacy outcomes for more children. She finished in just 2 hours 9 minutes. Congratulations on a great result Helen!

County Teams Ambassador Victoria Dunlop has taken our Race around the world quite literally, by cycling over 250 miles from Vienna to Budapest!

She said 'As an Ambassador and reading volunteer for Schoolreaders, I was keen to get involved. I see the important work being done for children to reach their full potential and improve their literacy.'

Great work Victoria, and congratulations on being our top fundraiser, raising over £1,000!

Jennifer, together with her colleagues at Kindred, joined forces to take on the Race for Reading challenge. Jennifer set a personal target of 100 miles in 80 days, embracing the joys and challenges along the way, including a bite from a cheeky local horse! Having set herself a 150 mile goal, she smashed it by travelling 167 miles with a combination of cycling, running and walking. A huge thank you once again to Jennifer and her team for their enthusiasm!

Together, we have accomplished something extraordinary.

Over the course of the race, we covered a staggering 12,000 miles—equivalent to traveling from London to New Zealand. Moreover, we have raised over £7,000 - enough to provide more than 200 children with weekly reading support!

The Race for Reading platform will remain open for a three more weeks, allowing participants to add any additional miles or donations.

We still have a generous donor who is matching funds, doubling the impact of every pound raised. So, please do add in any of those last minute funds - every pound will be worth twice as much.

Once again, thank you. Your support truly makes a difference, and we are deeply grateful for your involvement in the #RaceForReading.

To learn more or contribute further, please visit our website:


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