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Dream libraries

To celebrate UK Libraries Week, which runs from today until 13th October, CILIP (the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) has been asking people to build their dream library out of LEGO. The amazing results can be seen on Twitter, #LEGOlibraries. There are lots of familiar features, with traditional bookshelves, comfy seating areas and cafes featuring in most of the constructions. Some of the more surprising edifices include a tree house library (made by Hannah), a library for outer space - complete with jet packs for the librarians (made by Lucy, aged 9) - and perhaps the most surprising one (made by Blaine, aged 5), which has a special chimney that puffs out rainbow smells rather than smoke. Library workers may be surprised to hear that in many of the dream libraries their role has undergone dramatic changes; one of the LEGO libraries is staffed by owls (by Lyla, aged 8), while in another (by Callum) books are delivered by drone.

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Oct 07, 2019


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