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M G Leonard wins Book of the Year award

Congratulations to M G Leonard who has always been one of our favourite writers and recently became a Schoolreaders Author Supporter. Her book, 'The Highland Falcon Thief', written with Sam Sedgman and published by Macmillan Children's Books, has just won the prestigious Book of the Year (Children's Fiction) award from the Bookseller. The book is the first in a a planned 'Adventure on Trains' series and has what the judges described as 'a glamorous, escapist holiday feel'. 'The Highland Falcon Thief' follows 11-year-old Hal as he accompanies his uncle Nat (a travel journalist, steam-train enthusiast and author) on the royal steam train’s last journey up the East coast of the UK mainland. The murder mystery is both educational and entertaining, and takes readers to exciting places on real-life train models and routes. 'A joyful reinvention of the classic train mystery format' thought one judge.

PHOTO © M. G. Leonard Ltd


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