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How do I register?

You can sign up for the quiz by clicking here.  Once you’ve filled in a few details, we’ll email you a link to the quiz questions and information on how to send us your answers.


When does the quiz run?

The quiz runs between April 2021 and 31st August 2021.   Registrations close on Thursday 26th August, with the quiz itself ending at midnight on Tuesday 31st August. 


Can I enter as an individual?

Yes, the quiz is open to individuals and to groups such as Book Clubs, work colleagues, or families and friends wishing to enter as a team.

How do I send in my answers?

Please click here to send us your answers.  Answers must be submitted by midnight on 31st August 2021 if you would like to be eligible for a prize.


What are the prizes?

First prize will be a case of Prosecco (to be shared if you have entered as a team), as well as signed books.  Everyone submitting an entry, regardless of their score, will be entered into a draw for further prizes and our wonderful reading volunteers will be entered into a prize draw of their own.


Do I have to send in my answers?

No, you can just do the quiz for your own entertainment, but if you’d like the chance to win a prize you do need to submit your answers.

How do I see the correct quiz answers?

Correct quiz answers will be posted on our website in early September, with winners being notified shortly afterwards. 


How can I donate?

Please click here to donate.  If you are participating as a team and think others might like to donate, please help them find our website - - or ask them to visit Virgin Money Giving and search for Schoolreaders Book Club Quiz.

Thank you for supporting us.

Terms and Conditions

Please click here to see the quiz Terms & Conditions.


Any further questions or comments?

Please contact us on 01234 924 333 or email us on

We’d love to hear from you.

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