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Bee Boy buzzes into Oxford Literary Festival

Science, drawing and story ideas all mixed together in one bee-utiful event as the Oxford Literary Festival launched on Friday 16th March. Schoolreaders helped to bring lots of children to hear Tony De Saulles, illustrator of the bestselling Horrible Science series, introduce his brand new series 'Bee Boy'. A roomful of enthralled children listened as Tony told them about the dilemmas of his unlikely hero, Melvin Meadly, who is half-bee and half-boy, told them about the importance of bees, and taught them to draw his hilarious characters (each child was ready with a clipboard and pen). Tony - all the time wearing a full beekeeper's suit - finished by playing his guitar and singing a song about Bee Boy. The children were wonderfully attentive, gripped by facts and fiction alike and asked lots of questions during and after the event. Many thanks to Tony de Saulles and the Oxford Literary Festival.

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