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CREATE! for Schoolreaders

Have you spent time during the last few months getting creative? Whether you've been taking photos, painting, experimenting with needlework or doing some entirely different craft, you can put your efforts to good use by entering our CREATE! competition. We're asking you to send us a photo of your lockdown projects and to make a small donation to Schoolreaders. We've got an amazing panel of judges lined up to look at your creations; superstar pottery entrepreneur Emma Bridgewater, photographer Harry Cory Wright, artist Hugo Guinness and embroiderer and sewer Sarah Frost. They'll be awarding fabulous prizes in four categories and the winners and some runners up will have their works displayed at London art gallery, Wilson Stephens & Jones.

OUR JUDGES: Emma Bridgewater, Sarah Frost, Harry Cory Wright and Hugo Guinness

The competition closes on 8th September so if you haven't already, tap into your creative energy and channel some of it towards helping children who desperately need literacy support. Click here to find out more!

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Lacey Berry
Lacey Berry
27. Aug. 2020

How do we create a book

Gefällt mir
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