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Quentin Blake’s 'Anthology of Readers' Opens in London

An exhibition of new works by Quentin Blake opened at Shapero Books in London last week.

An Anthology of Readers features 72 pen, ink, and watercolour drawings focusing on people of all ages in the process of reading; here they are in Quentin Blake's inimitable style, either thoroughly engrossed, lost in thought or half asleep, and in postures that vary from deeply relaxed to edge-of-the-chair alert. Sir Quentin says 'Reading is interesting to me and as it happens it is the only thing in which I have a qualification, a Cambridge degree... '.

Prints of four of the works, each in a limited edition of 25, are on sale and a fully illustrated book has also been published by Shapero to coincide with the exhibition, with historian Simon Schama contributing an introduction. The show runs at Shapero Rare Books, 32 St. George Street, Mayfair, London until December 21st.


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