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The October Club 2023 charity partner is… Schoolreaders!

The October Club is delighted to announce that their chosen charity for 2023 is Schoolreaders, a national children’s literacy charity.

Schoolreaders was founded in 2013 and matches volunteers with local primary schools to provide free, one-to-one reading support sessions, with a focus on reaching the most disadvantaged children.

They currently support over 17,000 children every week in more than 880 primary schools.

In 2022, 1 in 4 children in England left primary school unable to read to the expected standard age 11*. Poor literacy is linked to many longer-term issues in society such as poverty, crime, unemployment, mental and physical ill-health, and homelessness. It is estimated that 16.4% of adults in England (7.1 million people) have very poor literacy skills** struggling with everyday tasks like reading a medicine label, interpreting simple written instructions, or filling out a job application form. In addition, nearly two-thirds (62%) of adults entering prisons have the literacy skills expected of an 11-year-old***.

Jane Whitbread, Founder and CEO said:

“As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, Schoolreaders’ work has never been more vital. Weekly time with our volunteers makes a proven difference to a child’s reading ability, fluency, comprehension and, just as important, their love of reading and social skills. It connects people and helps build community.

We are absolutely delighted to be working with The October Club – their support will be transformational in reaching many thousand more children. Our partnership will enable us to significantly expand our provision into the North of England.”

Sam Huggins, Chair of the October Club said:

“The October Club, in partnership with Schoolreaders, is incredibly proud to announce our 2023 charity collaboration. Together, we are dedicated to making a profound impact on children's lives by improving literacy in the most deprived areas across the nation.

Our partnership with Schoolreaders aligns perfectly with our mission to support and uplift individuals and communities. Together, we aim to bridge the literacy gap, ensuring more young people have the opportunity to develop essential reading skills and unlock a world of possibilities. By joining forces with Schoolreaders, we reinforce our commitment to the next generation, providing the tools they need to succeed in today's rapidly evolving world.

As Chair of The October Club, I am immensely excited about this partnership and the incredible impact it will have. Together, we will change lives, break barriers, and create a brighter future for generations to come.

We invite you to join us as we harness the power of literacy to transform lives and empower children to reach their full potential.”






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